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A company born out of love

working to ensure that Recee and millions of other children get the planet they deserve

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We were two strangers that met, fell in love, decided to build a family and call our yet to be born child “RECEE”.  We wanted to do everything we can to ensure that Recee will have a chance to grow up in a better world than the one we live in.

Recee AS was formed in 2020; with a mission unlike any other company.  Recee AS works to ensure that Recee and millions of other children get the planet they deserve.


Update: Recee was born in December 2021 at a time where our mission has become even more urgent and critical. 

We invest into and partner with companies, projects and teams that share our values and vision 

Our values create our value


Sustainable Cities

Our cities need to evolve into climate positive living spaces.  Cities of the future will have to be carbon sinks that generate zero waste and support a complete circular economy.

Startups & Innovation

Providing long term patient capital to startups and innovators is a foundational block enabling the transition into a sustainable future.  Capital in the startup world can't always be chasing unicorns and exits.

Industrial Blue Chips

Industrial blue chip companies are the ones shaping our present and will in no doubt play a prominent role in our future.  As such, taking meaningful minority stakes in industrial blue chips is important to drive our sustainable future and make our voice heard.

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